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Shopkins WILD STYLE!

Moose Toys
Family Animated Feature (80 Minutes)

Script to Screen Services including:

Executive Producer
Art Direction
Original World Design
Animation & VFX

Shopkins WILD STYLE! Overview:
Find Your Wild Style! Find your Wild Style and come on a totally Pawesome adventure to Pawville to meet the Shoppets! When famous movie stars, Scarletta Gateau and Rubie Blaze recruit the Shopville gang to save the Shoppets, they journey through the jungle and find the amazing world of Pawville. But Pawville and the Shoppets definitely don't need saving and suddenly nothing Scarletta says is as it seems! What's going on? Can the Shopkins, Shoppies and Shoppets rally together to solve the mystery? Find your tribe and get ready for a Wild adventure like no other!

All rights reserved. The characters and events depicted in this motion picture are fictional. Any similarities between the actions of these characters to the actions of any real people are coincidental. This film (including the soundtrack thereof) is protected by the Copyright laws of Australia and other applicable laws worldwide.©2018 Moose