Space Chickens in Space

Co-producer (Series 1)
Animated TV Series (52 x 11 Minutes)

Studio Moshi developed the creative pipeline and co-produced this amazing & surreal 2D animated series currently airing on Disney XD/EMEA (November 19th 2018), Nine Network Australia.

Our super talented crew animated Space Chickens in a hybrid mix of traditional hand drawn and digital rigged techniques to bring an original break-out experience that is unique to this surreal space series - all episodes animated within an inch of their lives by our amazing Melbourne based in-house crew!

Other tasks performed and managed by the Melbourne studio include:

Creative Production Pipeline Formulation (we worked out how to make the show! :)

  • Executive Producer

  • Producer

  • Line Producer

  • Animation Director

  • Art Direction

  • Original World Design

  • Character and Prop Design

  • Storyboarding

  • Traditional Layout

  • Traditional Character Layout

    Animation Production (52 x 11 in-house)
    Traditional 2D Animation
    Rigged 2D Animation
    VFX - Traditional

  • Compositing

  • Picture Post Production

  • Voice Records and Post Supervisor (Australia)


Short Food - Space Chickens in Space - see Chuck our cadet hero find a new meaning to fast food!


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