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We are an independent producer and animation production company based in Australia.
We think creative-first. We know how to tell stories – great stories. Stories with compelling characters and inspiring challenges. We create and produce high quality animation properties that entertain and engage children, youth and family audiences around the world.

Our unique characters and stories have featured on TV screens and in theatres and film festivals around the world, including the Annecy International Animation Festival.

We’re always on the lookout for the next creative project. Here are a few things we’re working on right now…

Our people are a bit like our characters – quirky, inspiring, dynamic and funny.

  • Moshi Staff Group Shot
  • Moshi Staff Group Shot
  • Moshi Staff Group Shot

They’re storytellers. Producers, writers, artists and animators all add their unique chapter and contribute to our creative studio environment. On any given day you can see them sharing ideas, concepts and even the occasional meme! This creative collaborative approach makes for the most unexpected, entertaining and fun content.

Our design and art direction team are stand-out; just like the characters and worlds they create. With exceptional attention to detail and creative know-how, our designers are some of the best in the business.

Our solid, paperless digital animation system turns fun creative ideas in to an entertaining reality. Studio Moshi is the largest Harmony™ design & animation studio in Australia, with producers, production management, artists and animators all under one roof.

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  • Moshi Staff Members having a meeting
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Our North American production pipeline delivers hand-crafted 2D animation for television series and feature length films. Like our crew, our system is highly efficient, low risk and the world standard in digital 2D animation.

Founded and managed by Andrew Davies, Studio Moshi has been around 2005 and has enjoyed many successful collaborations with major international corporations and content creators…

We tailor creative content to suit each production and partner’s individual needs, and raise finance for projects – including achieving local Australian broadcaster sales. Our services include:

Location Design
and Layout
Visual FX
(Great waves!)
Original Character Design
Digital High Quality
Harmony™ Animation 

TV, Feature Film, Pilots
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Producer / Co-Producer
Flash Animation
TV and Web

Flash Logo

Business Affairs
and Production Finance

We continue to work with world leaders in animated content

International Co-producers
(Who want collaborate to create outstanding content)
Live Action Producers
(Looking to bring their property to life in animation)
(Who love our content and want to bring it to the world)
Ad Agencies
Looking for compelling characters and entertaining animation on TV, Online (and on-time for campaign launches) to capture people’s hearts and minds.

Based in Melbourne, Australia (the most livable city in the world) Studio Moshi can provide a 24/7 production facility to North American and European co-production partners.

Melbourne Map with Studio Moshi marked

Call us on (+613) 9018 5287, email us at or drop in to the studio at Suite 1, Level 1, 104 Dover Street, Richmond, Victoria, Australia 3121. If you just want to check out studio happenings go to Facebook: Studio.Moshi

The Day My Butt Went Psycho series, is produced by Andrew Davies. All enquires about the show, including press kits, can be directed to him:

For all business enquiries, email